People for Gnosis are the key-factor for future development and investment. At Gnosis we target constant satisfaction of personal ambitions and the dynamic development of all our partners, acknowledging and respecting the personality and value of each and any of our people.

Furthermore we encourage initiative, critical thought and decision making. We promote cooperation, solidarity and prize creativity based on an evaluation system of meritocracy.

Gnosis offers a pleasant, ergonomic and healthy working environment.
As an edge company in technology and administration issues we offer continuous training and education programs adjusted to the needs of the company and to the ambitions of our personnel.

As we believe in equal opportunities in employment defined in EU law, the Human Resources department receives, archives and evaluates all curriculum vitae and relevant applications for existing or future job vacancies in all sectors.

Any job bears a relevant code according to the employment sector and the experience and/or education required. Such job code must be referred to in all applications. Applicants may send their CV by email, fax or post to the attention of Mr. D.Tsamis (Tsamis (at) gnosis .gr).

Apart from the typical jobs, the company offers cooperation opportunities to university or technical school students, in the context of their dissertations or internships.