Gnosis, with its significant specialisation in the Local Government and Public Entity sectors, fully understands the requirements of this market. To respond to these requirements with a consistent product, we have developed the e-Agent technology platform.

The e-Agent platform contains applications covering the requirements of the broad spectrum of Public Administration including Ministries, Hospitals, Universities, Prefectures, Public Entities, Local Government Organisations, both for internal management (financial management, e-protocol) and for quick and reliable citizen services (electronic transactions and communications between the government and citizens).

The platform applications may function either independently or jointly, providing thereby the most complete and advanced environment currently available in the market.

It is a specialised ERP which is the core application of the platform.

The system covers operations related to the Financial Services of an Organisation.

The core of the system is the integrated operating environment of Backoffice Services, with full updates to all participating departments, and an advanced system to produce all types of documents (reports, printouts and statistical data).

In order to fulfill the special requirements of diverse Organisations, special versions of the IT System have been developed for the following: